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The concept of “wrongful termination” is commonly misunderstood. A termination is not considered legally “wrongful” if the reasons behind it are inaccurate or factually untrue; that falls under the “at-will employment” rule. Both Florida and Texas are “at-will” states. This means the employer or employee can terminate the employment relationship without notice for any or no reason-except those protected by state or federal law.

Unlawful termination examples:

  • Terminated because you reported sexual harassment
  • Terminated because you declined sexual advances from your supervisor
  • Terminated because of your race, color or national origin
  • Terminated because you are over 40 years old
  • Terminated because you have a disability and/or asked for a reasonable accommodation
  • Terminated because of your religion and/or you asked for a reasonable accommodation
  • Terminated because of your sex, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity
  • Terminated because of your pregnancy, related medical condition, and/or you asked for a reasonable accommodation
  • Terminated because of your genetic information or family medical history
  • Terminated because you reported discrimination based on a protected class
  • Terminated because you filed a complaint with the EEOC or OSHA
  • Terminated because you refused to participate in illegal activities
  • Terminated because you requested unpaid wages
  • Terminated because you discussed your wages with other employees
  • Terminated in such a way that breached your employment contract

If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, it is important to not sign any severance package agreements or other documents prior to seeking legal counsel. If you do so, you may be signing away valuable rights and preventing an attorney from being able to pursue your claim. No matter which scenario you’ve faced, The Employment Lawyers have vast experience and are able to help you navigate the appropriate recourse.

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Wrongful termination cases call for extensive investigation which can include both direct and circumstantial evidence. An investigation can take time and require the legal knowledge and skills of an experienced legal team. In many cases, you will be going up against large and resourceful corporations or government entities. These employers may have whole teams of attorneys defending against your claims. Our firm is here to stand up for your rights and provide you with the representation you need to fight back against your employer’s unlawful actions. Let us aggressively pursue the justice you deserve.

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